Rust effect – quick and dirty


So today i want to show you in a short tutorial how i painted some rust effects on my storm eagle flyer. The tutorial is pretty old . I just forgot to release it
So, heute möchte ich euch ein einem kurzen Tutorial zeigen wie ich ein paar Rosteffekte an dem Storm Eagle gemalt habe.

Schritt 1:
Paint or dab the related part with a dark brown shade. For example Scorched Brown or Calthan Brown.
Malt oder Tupft die bestreffende Stelle deckend mit einem dunklen Braunton. Z.b Scorched Brown oder Calthan Brown.

Schritt 2:
Dab the related spot with a yellow tone like Brown or Iyanden Darksun. Its important to consider that the brush is almost dry like when you’re dry-brush something. So wipe them off carefully on a tissue.
Tupf die betreffende Stelle mit einem Gelbton wie Burbonic Brown oder Iyanden Darksun. Wichtig dabei ist, dass der Pinsel wie…

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YouTube Channel – Coming Soon


I am going to start a Wargames YouTube account

Primarily focusing on Warhammer, Warhammer 40k and Blood Bowl with a sprinkling of Kings Of War, Shadespire and possibly Historical Wargaming.

Of course I am learning all of this on the fly, so any advice would be helpful.

Who knows, I may appear across all the media!


Adepticon Reveal 2018


It is Adepticon and as is tradition Games Workshop took this opportunity to reveal their big projects for the next year or so. With the reveal being at 2:00 GMT, I knocked it on the head to check in the morning.

With our joking predictions aside (Warhammer movie; Dolph Lundgren as Dorn, Antonio Banderas as Sanguinius, and Codex: Squats) I logged in to check the Community page



Copyright: Games Workshop


After a cracking video, with a grimly faced hirsute man giving me facial hair envy, a new Knight is revealed. With more dakka than an average Ork army, this Knight looks great. I especially like the shoulder turrets.

And now that I have mentioned Orks




Adepticon Reveal 2018 - 1
Robots and Clowns and Men in Black, Oh My! Copyright: Games Workshop


After the aforementioned Imperial Knights kit, it’s only right they should have a new codex. I am curious to see if any Sentinel sized critters get added in.

Then comes Harlequins to round off the Aeldari races, and Deathwatch to kill them all. Even with my Anti-Imperial zeal, I have a soft spot for the Deathwatch.

But this comes to my only gripe, more waiting for Orks. (Although this does give me more time to save some pennies in the Squiggy Bank!)

The next Warhammer 40,000 news was the roll out of Roll Call, an official 40k army builder. After playing with the AoS one, this is a great idea.



After a lot of teasing, the Idoneth Deepkin have finally been shown as the new faction for Age of Sigmar!

Copyright : Games Workshop

War Turtles!


Copyright: Games Workshop

Sea Unicorn!


Copyright: Games Workshop

An Octopus with a knife!


This new faction does not disappoint. The pale skinned eyeless warriors look ace, and I am interested in seeing how the army works as a whole.



This is bizarre in an amazing way.

Copyright: Games Workshop


No idea how it will fit in to AoS, but I like it.



Copyright: Games Workshop

This intrigues me. I would like to know more.



After the announcement of a Warhammer TCG, which doesn’t interest me, it was GW pledging more support for the fantastic Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire.

This is great as it is a brilliant game to introduce people to the hobby and even to convert card players.

Glossing over the next few:

  • Independent Event Exclusive Miniatures
  • Changes to White Dwarf; More kitbashing and Battle Reports
  • Warhammer Legends: Classic miniatures and rules



Copyright: Games Workshop






Released in 2019, but we’ve been waiting 20 years anyway ha


Overall it is an exciting year ahead for the hobby


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The White Vipers

As part one of my Red Corsairs fluff it is only fair that I start at the beginning. Here is some background on the White Vipers, the Loyalist chapter from which Imarkad descended.


– White Vipers –

White Vipers

Founding Chapter: Imperial Fists
Founding: Unknown, after Age of Apostasy 
Known Descendants: Serpents of Khadingria (Chaos Warband)
Chapter Master: Chapter Master Iauzu
Homeworld: Fleet Based, formally Khadingria
Fortress-Monastery: Scales of Integrity
Colours: Jade green, left arm grey; helmet stripe in company colour; gold aquila. Symbol is a white snake on a grey background.
Specialty: Boarding actions
Strength: 120 Marines, 200 Primaris
Battle Cry: None

The White Vipers are a Loyalist Space Marine Chapter formed following the Age of Apostasy. The White Vipers were almost wiped out and its homeworld annihilated when the 4th Company turned traitor and attacked the Fortress-Monastery with help from Red Corsairs forces. Yet with help from the Storm Lords, and Cawl’s Primaris technology, the Chapter has been rebuilt as a fleet based force.

In addition to raiding Red Corsair ships, the White Vipers often defend Imperial trade routes, building a great relationship with the Adeptus Administratum. These relationships have further ensured the survival of the chapter, with equipment being dispatched at the earliest opportunity.

Chapter History

Formed from Imperial Fist Geneseed, the White Vipers at first had the stoic and reserved demeanour of their progenitor. Attention to detail was of the upmost importance, battle plans being revised up to the evening of attack, and then implemented with mechanical precision.

The residents of their homeworld of Khadingria had developed a culture around balance. For each plant dug up, another was planted, for each minute in battle was a minute of contemplation.

Every aspect of forthcoming battles was planned to minute precision. With plans performed to the letter, without addition or subtraction.

This practice continued until the rebuilding following the destruction caused by the Fourth Company’s treachery.

Betrayal of the Fourth Company

After a mission to halt a Dark Eldar raid on an Imperial outpost, Captain Imarkad was frustrated at the Chapter Master Iauzu’s orders to halt a counter attack that could have destroyed the entirety of the retreating Xenos force. On the voyage back to Khadingria, Imarkad’s period of contemplation was interrupted by voices from the warp. They encouraged his seething, forming plans and images of betrayal and ultimate control of his own destiny.

As penance for his outburst to the Chapter Master, Captain Imarkad was tasked in leading the 2nd & 6th Squads, Fourth Company to investigate a distress call on Nannak, a forest moon previously thought uninhabited by humans. On landfall they were attacked by a giant forest wyrm, incapacitating the squads’ Rhinos. Proceeding on foot they found a large clearing, a smouldering fire in the centre.

Imarkad led the squads forward towards the fire, where they happened upon fourteen hooded men. Without warning the largest of the men struck a black bell. Hundreds of thousands of flies swarmed around the Marines and hooded men. The flies entered the Marines’ masks and any bare skin, attacking from the inside outwards. The Marines fired their bolters at the hooded men, but where bullets hit, the flesh dissipated into foul black fluid. As the bodily fluid hit the ground, Plaguebearers emerged, their swords scything down the White Vipers.

The man with the bell revealed himself to be a Chaos Sorcerer of the Red Corsairs. Imarkad was surrounded by Plaguebearers, yet unscathed. He had thrown his lot in with Chaos long before. The slain White Vipers were reborn as Plague Marines with Imarkad as a Champion of Chaos, imbued with ruinous powers.

With the Plague Marines, Red Corsair allies, and untold numbers of cultists, Imarkad led his force in an assault on the White Vipers fortress-monastery. The White Vipers were repelling the attack, until the remainder of the Fourth Company attacked from within. They attacked with no remorse, taking over the Vox system and broadcasting offers of reprieve for surrender. The surviving 2nd company members, along with the initiates of the 6th company threw down their weapons.

Chapter Master Iauzu led the 1st and 3rd Company in a retreat towards the chapter’s Thunderhawk hanger, shepherding hundreds of civilians with them. Under fire from the Red Corsairs lascannons, the Thunderhawks managed to escape into orbit to the severely damaged Scales of Integrity.

Rebuilding of the Chapter

The White Vipers craft fled the system and had their distress beacon answered by a ship from the Storm Lords chapter. The Storm Lords and Adeptus Administratum restocked the chapter with equipment and rehoused the civilians on Imperial planets. Iauzu swore an oath to repay the Storm Lords, with the White Vipers embarking on a 10 year campaign to wipe out Orks from the moons of Sarrogan.

After the campaign the White Vipers saw their numbers swell with the addition of Cawl’s Primaris Marines. The survivors of both the rebellion and campaign formed the new First Company, “The Fangs of Khadingria”, with the Primaris Marines forming the Second and Third companies.

The chapter, now Fleet based, defends Imperial trade routes from attack, be they Xenos or Chaotic in nature. Relying on close ranged fire power; they board enemy craft and perform surgical strikes on the command deck and engines.

Notable Battles

  • Annexation of Doffad 12: Quelled an anti-Imperial uprising on the world of Doffad 12
  • Battle at Filtesst Septenous: Rescued an Imperial city from a Dark Eldar raiding force
  • Betrayal of Khadingria: Captain Imarkad led the 4th Company in a rebellion against the rest of the Chapter, with support from Red Corsair forces. The majority of the Chapter was slain or fell to Chaos
  • Sarrogan Crusade: Joined the Storm Lords in a decade long crusade to destroy Orks on the moons of the planet Sarrogan


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The Future is Bright, The Future is…Green?


The temptation to collect a new 40k army is strong. Even though I have the huge amount of Chaos Space Marines (4500+ points) just crying out to a multitude of Gods for assembly and a lick of paint, the Green tide is calling.



My first 40k model was a metal Plague Marine with Meltagun, but the first army I fell for were the Orks.

This was back in 3rd Edition Warhammer 40k. The Codex, full of ragtag vehicles and crude weaponry, drew me in. I also had the advantage that my friend started collecting them but fancied a change. (This surprised me after watching his force eat my proxied Deathwing army).

Another layer on my Orks love was the Battle for Armageddon campaign. I recall sitting on a beach in Cornwall and reading White Dwarf 248 and Codex: Armageddon after a wander to Games Workshop Truro. Reading about Thraka and playing in the campaign are still great memories.

I attempted to build my own small warband; Couple of mobs of slugga boyz, a mob of shootas, storm boyz and some mega armoured Nobs in a waggon with a Warboss. Drybrushed the lot of it and pushed it about for a few games, getting battered all along, until I switched to a stupidly hard Necron army.


In the display case at GW Manchester there is a monumental Ork army. Paul, the manager, has a gargantuan army featuring some of the greatest conversions I’ve ever seen. He has enough models to play a 20,000 point game!

Great use of the Blood Bowl miniatures. (Copyright: Paul Evans)
Start of an Ork submarine. (Copyright: Paul Evans)

And the monumental Ork creation, Gitstix!

Oh my Lord! (Copyright: Paul Evans)
Ork Tin Opener: (Copyright: Paul Evans)
Before…. (Copyright: Paul Evans)
After!  (Copyright: Paul Evans)


I know I shouldn’t try and collect a second army (especially with the load of Dark Eldar stuff I have gathering dust), but I really want some Orks.

Therefore I am using the carrot and stick method. For each thing I knock off my To Do List, I am allowed one Ork based thing. Be that a unit of Boyz or a vehicle.

Treating myself!


So I’ve grabbed a couple of tanks, stripped them down and basecoated them Averland Sunset and blocked out some parts.


So far so very Bad Moons. But these won’t be Bad Moons or any of the major clans. My own will be Viking themed!

Stay tuned for more

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