Waterbowl update + FUMBBL

Hello Again


Well I will start with an apology for taking so long to make a blog post. I am aware that it’s been a while. So lets get into what I have been up to


Waterbowl League


In Round 7 my Ogres took on Matt Shaw’s Elven Union team and …… got absolutely decimated.

I despise Elven Union/Pro Elves and came out of this game on the painful side of a 6-0 loss!

Which is why, if I am being honest, I haven’t written a fluff piece on the game. I could barely look at my notes afterwards, And I was happy to take a break during the Bye Week.

Round 9 will be against the always great Ringbeard with his Amazon team, followed by Dark Elves in Week 10


In other tabletop, I helped Ringbeard with his NAFC preparation. He ran Halflings (my new love) against a Nurgle team. The game ended 1-0 to the ‘flings, with me making a mistake in the first half to deny myself a score; I need to count squares away from Treemen.

Getting away from Ogres was a nice palette cleanser, Nurgle being the team that seems to fit my playstyle a little easier.




I am using Halflings in the FUMBBL based SAWBBL league. Even though I am not from the Swindon area, the Halfling Half Biscuit are there to prop up the division.

I am also recording each of my SAWBBL games on my YouTube channel, so check the playlist out there!




I am using FUMBBL a lot more for my Blood Bowl fix. My record on there isn’t the greatest, but this is down to two reasons:

  1. I mainly use Halflings, Nurgle or Ogres
  2. I don’t cherrypick games

Unskilled stunty and Nurgle teams are very difficult to use against teams with even a couple of skills, with them being Tier 2 or 3 in usual tournaments.

The cherrypicking in Ranked games is something that I don’t buy into. I will play against any team, regardless of TV or Tier. This has meant my Halflings have been up against Skaven, High Elves, and Undead of all varieties.

If I was playing it to pad my rankings up, my Halflings would only play other Stunties, for example. But I like to play, so I don’t turn games down.

And speaking of which, if you would like to challenge me, and possibly appear on the channel, sling my an inbox on my Profile Page there.


….and finally


I am proud to announce my membership to the FLING NATION!



With the newly released Halfling team, along with the YouTube channel and FUMBBL, this Waterbowl season will be the last I use anything but Halflings for the foreseeable future!

Special thanks go to the Two Drunk Flings cast for inspiring me in this decision.

I am just waiting for my shirt now!


Visit Element Games here (Use the code DAN2300 at Checkout for double points)

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Waterbowl – Interview with the coach of the Shreking Balls – PLUS YouTube Content!


Günther Weyrauch’s tenure as Head Coach of the Shreking Balls hasn’t gotten off to the grandstand start that many of the yellow faithful may have wanted, but it hasn’t been without its high points. The signing of Ferdinand, the fifth Ogre to line up for the team, has given the team a solid attacking line.

In the build up to the match against the Purple Show Ponies, we managed to get an exclusive interview with the man himself.



How have you settled in at the club?


It has been a great experience and a real eyeopener. Everyone has been amazing and being the first human involved in the running of the club is a real honour.


Your debut as Head Coach was against the Magenta Maniacs. The goblins have been tricky in the division so far. What did you tell the players before that game?


I didn’t want to change too much too soon. The ogre siblings were told to ignore the fanatic and attack the goblins to whittle down the numbers. Of course Fergus saw the spinning ball and stood next to it all game. Thankfully we got the draw, and Fergus escaped with just a bit of bruising.


You were integral in bringing Ferdinand into the fold. How is he settling in at the club?


Very well. I brought him in to help the front line, letting Farkle have more room to get around the pitch. Well that’s the theory anyway. 


Where did it go wrong against the Sisters of a Down? At one point it looked like a draw was almost guaranteed


I’m not too sure. One minute we have the ball yards from the opposition end-zone, the next the ogres are staring into the crowd, the ball is loose, and the Sisters score!

We have had a lot of attention training this past week, which will hopefully come to fruition in the next game.


The injury to Deej in the last game must have been tough. How are you preparing for the next game without him?


Deej could have been a star in the next game. Elves rely on agile running, and his defensive skills are the finest of the snotlings.
Ferdinand in particular is looking forward to the next game. Being the only non-sibling ogre gives him extra incentive to stand out.


After the game against the Purple Show Ponies you have a bye week. How will your team spend it?


That depends on the result. If we pick up a win then the team will be treated to a trip to the Swamp Spa. If we lose or draw then we need to spend the time training on defence. 


Thank you for your time, sir


My pleasure




YouTube update!

At long last I content on my YouTube channel!

The first video in ‘Fancy a Fumbbl’, the series where I shall be posting games of Blood Bowl using the FUMBBL game client

In preparation for the SAWBBL FUMBBL league, I played a practice game, pitting my Halflings, Halfling Half Biscuit, against a Goblin team in an all Stunty clash!

If you would like to take on my Halflings, and possibly appear on the channel, contact me here or on FUMBBL (username TheGngrNoob)

Special thanks to Two Drunk Flings and Friends Podcast for inspiring me on this Halfling journey

Visit Element Games here (Use the code DAN2300 at Checkout for double points)

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