Waterbowl League 2019


This season’s Waterbowl began with a pre-season twist…certain teams would gain skills for FREE.

The lower tier teams began with 2 skills, with Stunty teams having the option of trading the 2 for a Double skill.

With these skills being dispensed like confetti at a wedding, it was not surprising to then see 6 Nurgle teams lining up this season!


The Draw Rules

The draw had 3 well deserved top seeds:

  • Kåre Foged, last years Champ
  • Geoff Porritt
  • Alex Barbanneau

With the other teams limited to a maximum of two of the same race per division.

The racial line up is as follows:

Amazon: Ringbeard (1)
Chaos: Deeferdan, Vagabond, Chebby (3)
Chaos Dwarf: Maxik, Volkmair, Brionnebiletappers (3)
Dark Elf: Chilli, Elperas (2)
Dwarf: Gniuz (1)
Elven Union: Moysie, Tintenfisch (2)
Goblin: Dafo (1)
Halfling: Beanbag, Campmark (2)
Human: Leipziger, Caeser, Ben Shaw, Fireolli, Kanter, (5)
Khemri: Podfrey (1)
Khorne: Cunning, Istvan (2)
Lizardmen: The Martian (1)
Nurgle: Heatoncoach, RickWreckless, Kfoged, Douglowe, Blessedknight, Davelklatzen (6)
Ogre: TheGngrNoob
Orc: KillerB, CarolusMagnus, Bigbenbear
Slann: Barney the Lurker, Spoboyle
Undead: JimBob, DrewCleary
Underworld: CJBlackburn

No place for Necromantic or Wood Elf teams makes this season seem rather skewed.

Draw Structure:

1) Draw seeded teams

2) Draw the Nurgle teams, 2 per division

3) Draw the Human team

4) Draw the rest of the teams (keeping a Max of two per race per division)


Pre-Draw Thoughts

My pre-draw favourite is CJ. Great player and if anyone can make Underworld work then it is him!


The Draw

Hosted live on Facebook by the League Commissioner, and viewed by literally some people, the 2019 season began to take shape.

The Divisions were drawn as follows:


  • Amazons – Ringbeard
  • Nurgle – Douglowe
  • Nurgle – RickWreckless
  • Humans – Ben Shaw
  • Humans – Kanter
  • Ogres – TheGngrNoob
  • Chaos – Chebby
  • Dark Elves – Chilli
  • Elven Union – Moysie
  • Elven Union – Tintenfisch 
  • Chaos – DeeferDan
  • Slann – Spoboyle
  • Goblins – Dafo 



  • Khemri – Podfrey
  • Nurgle – Davelklatzen
  • Nurgle – Heatoncoach
  • Humans – Leipziger
  • Underworld – CJBlackburn
  • Undead – JimBob
  • Chaos Dwarfs – Brionnebiletappers
  • Slann – Barney the Lurker
  • Chaos – Vagabond
  • Dwarfs – Gniuz
  • Halflings – Beanbag
  • Chaos Dwarfs – Volkmair
  • Orcs – Bigbenbear



  • Nurgle – KFoged
  • Nurgle – Blessedknight
  • Humans – Fireolli
  • Humans – Caeser
  • Orcs – CarolusMagnus
  • Halflings – Campmark 
  • Lizards – The Martian
  • Orcs – KillerB
  • Chaos Dwarfs – Maxik
  • Undead – DrewCleary
  • Khorne – Cunning
  • Khorne – Istvan
  • Dark Elves – Elperas 


Playoff Qualification:

Top 5 from each division + the best 6th placed team


Visit Element Games here (Use the code DAN2300 at Checkout for double points)

For more Blood Bowl action:

Listen to the Two Drunk Flings podcast here

Listen to the Anything But A One podcast here

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