2018 Review & 2019 Preview


Water lot of Blood Bowl

If one game dominated my 2018 playing, it was Blood Bowl. Thanks to the fantastic double header of the Waterbowl Tournament and the Waterbowl Premier League I managed more games than I have in a few years.

Now my 19 games may not seem a lot compared to some. But this was the first full year of my new baby, as well as my first league effort since a short lived league at a FLGS.


Waterbowl Tournament


My first tournament in over 10 years

Only a handful of games under my belt with the team

Going 4 wins and 2 losses over the weekend


I enjoyed jumping back in the deep end with a tournament. Highlights include the 3-2 back and “thorth” with Odin and meeting an extremely hungover Liam of the Two Drunks Flings cast.


Waterbowl League

In my debut season I threw the form book out of the window and took Detroit Pox City to the playoffs!

Unfortunately I hit the wonderfully polite Danish wall that is Kåre Foged. Because a multiple European champion had a slight advantage over myself. He was a consummate gentleman throughout victory.



In the upcoming year I shall be focussing on one team and one team only.

The ultimate test of a Blood Bowl coach.

This year I shall be running my Ogre team, punningly monikered The Shreking Balls!


I shall be running the team in both league and cup, and hopefully Stunty Cup too. And while I don’t think I shall improve on last year’s records, I am looking forward to the challenge


Kings Of War

Basic RGB

I entered 2018 with all hopes to kick on with Kings Of War.

And although my potential list was never purchased, I do enter 2019 with enough models for a 1500 points list.

This year a pledge to get these assembled and at least basecoated by March.


Other Games Systems

Unfortunately the other games will be on the backburner. As much as I enjoy the 40k aesthetic, The 9th Age’s rules and Flames of War, I won’t have time to do any of these. So into storage they go for the foreseeable.

This could mean I have more room to actually paint and possibly display my models, which is nice


Visit Element Games here (Use the code DAN2300 at Checkout for double points)

For more Blood Bowl action:

Listen to the Two Drunk Flings podcast here

Listen to the Anything But A One podcast here

For more Kings of War action:

Listen to Direct Misfire here

Listen to Four Foot Snake here

2 thoughts on “2018 Review & 2019 Preview

  1. OGRES! I love me some Ogres. You’re absolutely right in the test of patience with that team, but they’re just hilarious. They used to frustrate me to play and then I learned to accept the team for what it is, unreliable on the best of days, and enjoy it regardless. Holy hell though, if the dice are on your side though, they brutalize everything.

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