Adventures in the Old World

This hefty tome was bought from Element Games

Over 350 pages of Old World action! For me, roleplaying has always taken back seat to wargaming. But between my love of the Old World lore and themed armies, there’s always been that inkling.

Now this book is stunning. Great artwork is liberally sprinkled throughout, most with that early edition feel to it.

My favourite piece

By Sigmar!

Now this isn’t a full review. Better reviews exist on the web.

All I will say is that I immediately looked online for a Play By Post game. From this searching I found the Discord channel The Rat Catcher’s Guild as well as the website Tavern Keeper. Both of these proved amazing for my first forays into WHRP.

With book ready and messages sent I was accepted into my first campaign: The Doom of Grafsburg!

Creating my Character

One of my favourite aspects of the book is the character creation. Specifically the randomisation. Being a big fan of the old Realm of Chaos charts this shouted out to my very soul. After all, leaving everything to fate seems a very Warhammery thing to do!

Step 1 – Species

Warhammer Roleplay gives you a choice of 5 races:

  • Human
  • Halfling
  • Dwarf
  • High Elf
  • Wood Elf

As the game is set in The Empire, the random chart is skewed in an Imperial fashion.

1d100s Species
01-90 Human
91-95 Halfling
95-98 Dwarf
99 High Elf
00 Wood Elf

So with the first roll……my character will be a Human!

No real surprise


Step 2 – Class and Career

Next up is Class and Career.

Class is set up into 8 different sections, with each of those having 8 Career paths. Each Career has advantages and disadvantages, as well as setting a Character’s social Status. Marked Brass, Silver and Gold, these will impact how NPCs portray the Character.

With the second roll our becomes a Cavalryman!

By now the Character’s background has began to come into my head. Ideas flitting about before we start the next section.

Step 3 – Attributes

The statline of the character is next to take shape. Familiar to those that played Warhammer Fantasy or the older versions of 40K. With DEX, INT, WP and FEL being different. As Cubicle 7 describe it:

“Weapon Skill (WS) – close-quarters fighting ability

Ballistic Skill (BS) – ranged fighting ability

Strength (S) – physical strength

Toughness (T) – hardiness and healthiness

Initiative (I) – speed of thought, reaction, and awareness

Agility (Agi) – coordination and natural athleticism

Dexterity (Dex) – ability to perform delicate manual tasks

Intelligence (Int) – powers of thought, analysis, and understanding

Willpower (WP) – strength of mind and determination

Fellowship (Fel) – ability to influence and befriend others”

Each of the Races gains different pluses and minuses in these characteristics. Humans are the standard, Dwarfs get a big boost to their Willpower but lose out in Agility. Halflings are lower in WS and Strength but have advantages in the non-combat stats. Elves, however, have the best stats across the board, but lose out in some of the roleplaying aspects, being less trustworthy to certain NPCs.

Stats are randomised with a 2D10 roll with which ever bonus.


Humans roll 2D10 + 20 for Strength
Halflings roll 2D10 +10 for Strength

With this next batch of rolls the unnamed character now has a statline of:





















Toughness and Fellowship are both low here. Perhaps a new money noble that isn’t as tough as he thinks.

Here your career gives you 5 points towards characteristic advances. In the Horseman’s case these are allocated between WS, S and AGI.

I’ll stick 1 in WS, 2 in S, and 2 in AGI

Step 4 – Skills and Talents

Here you pick your skills depending on Racial species. 3 of those Skills gain a +5 Bonus, 3 Gain a +3 Bonus. You also roll on the Random Talents chart if eligible. My picks are:

Animal Training: +5
Charm: +5
Gossip: +3
Leadership: +3
Lore (Reikland): +5
Ranged (Bow): +3
The Talent rolls here have given me: Suave, Sixth Sense and Very Resilient.
For my chosen talent I have chosen Savvy. Human characters also gain the talent of Doomed.

Doomed is a rule that gives the player’s Next character an XP boost on creation IF the first character does in a specific way.

So if the portents of fate predicted death by weeping sores, and this happens, then the next character benefits!

However, this is kept a secret between you and the GM.

Following this, based on your character’s career, you allocate 40 points to any of the 8 skills listed, as well as gaining a single talent.

For my character this will be:

Animal Care: +7
Charm Animal: +2
Endurance: +5
Language (Battle): +3
Melee (Basic): +5
Outdoor Survival: +6
Perception: +5
Ride (Horse): +7

I will also pick the Talent of Lightning Reflexes

You may have noticed so far that I have picked Talents that increase stats. This is simply as it is my first WHRP campaign and I want to reduce the amount of bookkeeping needed.

Step 5 – Trappings

Trappings are the equipment associated with your class.

Additionally you get monetary wealth based on your status tier and level

The money roll gave me a purse of 13 Silver Shillings, with trappings of Clothing, Hand Weapon (Hammer), Dagger, Pouch, Leather Jack, Riding Horse with Saddle and Tack.

I shall name my horse Starwood.

Step 6 – Adding Details

Now for the proper Character building part. And Yes, I am randomising this. Except the name

▪ Character Name: Lukasz Erkunden
▪ Physical Details:

  • Age: 23
  • Eye Colour: Blue
  • Hair Colour: Dark Brown
  • Height: 5ft7

▪ Ambitions:

  • Short-Term: To slay a beast
  • Long-Term: Become a hero

Step 7 – Party

Well this part is tough as I am unsure so far. So I shall leave this blank

Step 8 – Bringing Your Character To Life

This section gives you 10 Questions to flesh out the character a bit more:

Ten Questions

▪ Where are you from?

Lukasz was raised in Braunlet, 12 miles east of Fleckeby, Ostland.

▪ What is your family like?

Father became a grifter shortly after Lukasz’s mother died. Travelling around local towns selling wares, doing oddjobs and gambling. One day he developed the plans for a long con, one that gained him lots of money through trading gold with Dwarves. Unfortunately this gold was fake through the spells of an apprentice Aethyric wizard. They killed his father in vengeance, but not before Lukasz had grabbed a bag of the money and fled.

▪ What was your childhood like?

Lukasz was raised believing that his father was a noble merchant. His father used to dress in furs and often spent beyond his means. While Lukasz’s mother was alive she regaled him with tales of the great heroes of the Empire, heroes that Lukasz grew up wishing to emulate.

When Lukasz was three he was knocked over by a bear that had escaped a travelling Kislev circus, he has feared Bears ever since. This caused him to grow up sicklier than other children, but he persevered through his own determination.

▪ Why did you leave home?

Lukasz left home to escape the wrath of the Dwarves. He now sees this as his first step to become a hero of the Empire.

▪ Who are your friends?

Being of a bumptious nature, Lukasz rarely keeps friends for long. His hardly earned sense of self is grating in the long term.

▪ What is your greatest desire?

Lukasz aspires to be sung of in the great tales of heroes.

▪ What are your best and worst memories?

Best memory would be saving a towns girl from a wild dog.

Worst memory would be the bear attack

▪ What are your religious beliefs?

Worship of Signature and only his light

▪ To whom, or what, are you loyal?

To the people, as long as they adore and/or pay

▪ Why are you adventuring?

Money, fame, adoration

Step 9 – Advancement

Here I can spend the experience accumulated during character generation. This is used to increase the 3 Characteristics, 8 Skills and/or 4 Talents available to your career.

As I have randomised everything, this is a hefty 120XP boost.

100XP will be used adding the Roughrider talent go Lukasz, with the remaining 20XP boosting Charm Animal two more times.

And with that it is time to fill out the sheet, which hopefully looks like this:


AND with that it is time to begin the adventure into the grim Old World!


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Waterbowl – Darknail Preview

The Teams

# Coach Team Race TV Pld W D L TD Cas Pts
1 CarolusMagnus Los Orcos Negros Salvajes de Nuevo Toledo Orc 990k 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
2 Isvan Stockport Surf Club Daemons of Khorne 990k 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
3 Fireolli Stormheim Rhinos Human 1000k 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
4 elperas Pitch Black Dark Elf 1000k 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
5 Cunning For The Skulls Thrown Daemons of Khorne 1000k 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
6 campmark Butchers of Gladden Field Halfling 800k 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
7 kfoged Something is rotten in the state of Denmark Nurgle 1000k 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
8 DrewCleary Staying Alive BBC Undead 980k 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
9 The Martian Sultans of Skink Lizardman 960k 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
10 KillerB Teesside Tomahorcs Orc 990k 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
11 Maxik Orange crush Chaos Dwarf 980k 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
12 caeser-22 Altdorf Greatswords Bteam Human 990k 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
13 Blessedknight Four King Blight Crusaders Nurgle 990k 0 0 0 0 0 0 0


We now reach our final division preview with possibly the most open. A large concentration of high strength players, wiley veteran coaches, and fiery upstarts, could make this the tightest of the three divisions.


Something is Rotten in the state of Denmark – Nurgle – Kfoged

Last season’s champion, all around nice chap, winner of a fair few competitions. Kåre coaches Nurgle this season with sights to leverage the beginning bonus skills. Two block rotters will come in handy against the Stormhelm Rhinos in Round 1.

With clever coaching, and is there anything else from the Great Dane, the longwinded Something is Rotten in the state of Denmark should saunter to the playoffs this season.


Orange Crush – Chaos Dwarfs – Maxik

Last year’s Dwarf coach has turned to their Chaotic brethren this year, with hopes to improve on the average last season.  An opening game against Halflings will create opportunities to rack up casualties early. And they will be hoping for skills to help in tough games against Undead and Orcs in the second and third round respectively.


Pitch Black – Dark Elves – elperas

Waterbowl 13 must have given elperas a taste for the dark side, with another run out for the Dark Elves this season. An extremely strong showing with Orcs last season shows that playoff ambitions are on the cards this year.

I think Pitch Black will be ending the season in the Top 5 positions.


Butchers of Gladden Field – Halflings – campmark

The sole stunty team in the Darknail division. The Butchers of Gladden Field will need to steal every re-roll and ride their luck in a tough opening few weeks. Chaos Dwarfs, Lizardmen and Khorne will be the tricky opponents for the pint sized warriors.


Stormhelm Rhinos – Humans – Fireolli

Closing in on 200 NAF tournament games, Fireolli will be looking to pull from this experience in a tough division.

The Stormhelm Rhinos face league favourites Something is Rotten in the state of Denmark in a tough opening game. And the pressure stays on with the next two games. After a bye week, Undead are the reward for the well-rested humans, with Chaos Dwarfs the opponents in the following game.


Altdorf Greatswords Bteam – Humans – caeser-22

While not as overall experienced as the other Human team coach, caeser-22 has coached his Humans in almost 50 NAF games. A brief foray into Halfling coaching last year could have helped with defensive positioning, a skill which will come in handy this year.

Dark Elves, Undead and Orcs will be a tough task for the rookie Humans.


For the Skulls Thrown – Khorne – Cunning

Cunning may be the coach’s name, but cunning is rarely a Khornate trait. For the Skulls Thrown start the season with a clash of Chaotic Gods as they face the Nurgle team Four King Blight Crusaders.

I can see Cunning making it back to back Playoff qualifications this season, conceivably going all the way.


Stockport Surf Club – Khorne – Isvan

A more Frenzy heavy version of Khorne, the Stockport Surf Club will be looking to live up to their name this season. High risk, High reward is the name of Isvan’s game, with prior experience coaching Vampires.

If his luck is in, then the coaches of Darknail could be in for a tough time. Round 1 coach The Martian has been warned.


Sultans of Skink – Lizardmen – The Martian

And now onto the aforementioned coach. The lizards will look to outmanoeuvre teams from the off, with only the Round 4 Undead opponents having players able to just about keep up with the nimble skinks.

If she can keep the skinks from getting squashed, I can see The Martian being a real Wildcard in this division.


Four King Blight Crusaders – Nurgle – Blessedknight

The second of the Nurgle teams in the division, the Four King Blight Crusaders. While not as illustrious as the other Nurglite coach, Blessedknight will be full of enthusiasm for the new season.

Two Prehensile Tail rotters will help solidify an already defensively minded team. While it may not be of much use against the first two opponents, Khorne and Nurgle, their third game against Lizardmen could be where it comes into its own.


Los Orcos Negros Salvajes de Nuevo Toledo – Orc – CarolusMagnus

2018 Norsca playoff qualifier CarolusMagnus enters this season with a solid Orc roster. Round 1 sees some greenskin on greenskin action versus the Teesside Tomahorcs.

The classic Orcs vs Humans match follows, with a third game against Division seed Kfoged.


Teesside Tomahorcs – Orc – KillerB

KillerB’s Orcs have the tougher run of the two Orc teams. After the mirror match follows games against Khorne, Chaos Dwarfs and Nurgle. If their armour has held up still, Lizardmen and Undead follow. The medical team will be overworked in the early stages of the season.


Staying Alive BBC – Undead –DrewCleary

The large roster of Undead shamble onto the pitch as the final team in our preview. The Undead are always a tough team to face in both early and late season games. A good mix of skills could make this a successful season.

First up for the Staying Alive BBC are Maxik’s Chaos Dwarfs in Round 2.




Making up my predictions for the Top 4 are KFoged, elperas, Cunning and CarolusMagnus.

As for the last playoff place….I can’t predict it.

Caeser-22 has the team experience, Maxik’s Chaos Dwarfs only need a couple of skills to compete, and the rest all have a real chance.

Except The Halflings. Sorry, campmark.


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Rust effect – quick and dirty


So today i want to show you in a short tutorial how i painted some rust effects on my storm eagle flyer. The tutorial is pretty old . I just forgot to release it
So, heute möchte ich euch ein einem kurzen Tutorial zeigen wie ich ein paar Rosteffekte an dem Storm Eagle gemalt habe.

Schritt 1:
Paint or dab the related part with a dark brown shade. For example Scorched Brown or Calthan Brown.
Malt oder Tupft die bestreffende Stelle deckend mit einem dunklen Braunton. Z.b Scorched Brown oder Calthan Brown.

Schritt 2:
Dab the related spot with a yellow tone like Brown or Iyanden Darksun. Its important to consider that the brush is almost dry like when you’re dry-brush something. So wipe them off carefully on a tissue.
Tupf die betreffende Stelle mit einem Gelbton wie Burbonic Brown oder Iyanden Darksun. Wichtig dabei ist, dass der Pinsel wie…

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Waterbowl – ‘n Thorg Preview

The Teams

‘n Thorg

# Coach Team Race TV Pld W D L TD Cas Pts
1 Barney Zakynthos Zoadiacs Slann 1000k 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
2 Volkmair Gorgoth Bulls Chaos Dwarf 980k 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
3 Podfrey Bone Thugz & Harmony Khemri 1000k 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
4 Davelklatzen Acceptable in the 80’s Nurgle 980k 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
5 Leipziger To RR Is Human Human 990k 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
6 Bigbenbear Grom’s Gnashers Orc 1000k 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
7 cjblackburn Born Slippy Underworld 990k 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
8 Brionnebiletappers Hat Headed Hatefilled Hat Haters Chaos Dwarf 1000k 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
9 Heatoncoach Viral Communication Breakdown Nurgle 990k 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
10 Gniuz All Star Small Things Dwarf 1000k 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
11 Jimbob Raccoon City Cannibals Undead 1000k 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
12 Vagabond1982uk Decadent Horde Chaos 1000k 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
13 Beanbag Gateau Superstars Halfling 770k 0 0 0 0 0 0 0


With a potent mix of Veterans and Up And Comers, the ‘n Thorg division contains some of the finest names in Blood Bowl. And Leipziger.


Bone Thugz & Harmony – Khemri – Podfrey

Reigning NAF Championship winner Podfrey enters the season coaching one of the lowest ranked teams in Blood Bowl. This, however, lowers his ability to merely demigod levels.

His first victim, sorry, first opponent is the mighty Halfling team the Gateau Superstars. Giving an air of 90s rap nostalgia to proceedings.


Decadent Horde – Chaos – Vagabond1982uk

The lone vanilla Chaos team in the division, and a rare foray into a more bash minded team for the coach. Two smash mouth games start off the season before the soft amphibian underbelly of Zakynthos Zoadiacs wait in Round 3.

In an aggressive looking league it will be interesting to see how the team develops, or should that be mutates, during the season.


Gorgoth Bulls – Chaos Dwarfs – Volkmair 

Waterbowl 13 Most Casualties winner Volkmair coaches the more tusky variety of Dwarfs in this Waterbowl season. With an opening three games consisting of Chaos, Nurgle, and Halflings, will those injury rolls still be with him throughout the season?

The Round 5 Chaos Dwarf on Chaos Dwarf matchup jumps out as a potential highlight for the season.


Hat Headed Hatefilled Hat Haters – Chaos Dwarfs – Brionnebiletappers

The second and more alliteratively named Chaos Dwarf team the Hat Headed Hatefilled Hat Haters. After reaching the playoffs last season, in what was a bloodbath of a game, Brionnebiletappers will be hoping for more of that regular season form.

Pencil these in as my Wildcard to reach the playoffs.


All Star Small Things – Dwarfs – Gniuz

If Gniuz was looking to improve on last year’s record, this is possibly the worst division to be drawn into. But his hard headed Dwarf team could grind out those victories.

An opening game against Nurgle makes way for games vs Underworld and Humans. All three games could see casualties on the board, and hopefully touchdowns for the bearded fellows.


Gateau Superstars – Halflings – Beanbag

Poor Beanbag. Drawn into the most bash heavy of the three divisions, the lone stunties must be writing their wills already.

Round 1 sees the ‘flings taking on the always scary Khemri, before a possibly less hitting game against humans in Round 2. An aerial assault could get points on the board for the Superstars but I have a feeling that there won’t be much to write home about.


To RR Is Human – Humans – Leipziger

The sole Human team. Coached by renowned scoundrel and cad Leipziger, the League Commissioner is up for a tough season. Whether through sheer fluke or nefarious means he manages to avoid the perceived Top 3 Coaches until late in the season. Lets see if that turns out to be a blessing or curse.


Acceptable in the 80’s – Nurgle – Davelklatzen

After reaching the playoffs last season, Davelklatzen will be hoping for more of the same with his Nurgle team. A tough opening three rounds could prove tricky for the rookie Nurgle squad, however.


Viral Communication Breakdown – Nurgle – Heatoncoach

With a Beast of Nurgle flying in from sunny Spain, our second Nurgle team are a newish addition to the tabletop circuit. Starting with a 2 Pestigor 3 Warrior build, the increased speed to the sluggish Nurgle team will come in handy against the Round 1 Human opponents.

Matches versus Chaos Dwarfs and Orcs follow in what will be two aggressive matchups.


Grom’s Gnashers – Orcs – Bigbenbear

Starting without the cookie cutter Orc build, Grom’s Gnashers will be hoping luck is on their side with 4 re-rolls. The Hat Headed Hatefilled Hat Haters will be the first challenge for the Orcs.

Four bash teams in a row is never the easiest run, but with high armour and re-rolls the Orcs could be off to a flyer


Zakynthos Zoadiacs – Slann – Barney

One of the top coaches in the league, Barney’s Slann will be looking to leap into the playoff picture. But two tough games kick off the Zodiacs’ season.

The second round clash versus Podfrey may very well be the division decider.


Raccoon City Cannibals – Undead – Jimbob

Last season was middling for Jimbob and his Orcs. The Raccoon City Cannibals face the Zakynthos Zodiacs in a tough start for the Undead. They could leverage their comparative speed in the next games against Nurgle and Orcs before a walking dead clash against Podfrey’s Khemri.


Born Slippy – Underworld – cjblackburn

Amassing 21 wins over last year’s Premier and Veteran’s Leagues CJ makes up the trio of pre-season favourites.

After a bye week, Born Slippy tackle the All Star Small Things Dwarf team.



The top 3 favourites for the division, and the League overall, have to be Podfrey, Barney and CJBlackburn.

After that I predict Brionnebiletappers to make up the Top 4.

My soft spot this year will be for BeanBag’s Halflings.

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Waterbowl – Skuttlespike Preview

The Teams


# Coach Team Race TV Pld W D L TD Cas Pts
1 Chebby The Mighty Gorgons Chaos 1000k 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
2 Rick Wreckless Beautiful On The Inside Nurgle 1000k 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
3 Ben Shaw Hugh Mans Human 990k 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
4 douglowe Last of the Summer Plague Nurgle 1000k 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
5 Tintenfisch Here comes the Sidestepper Elf 1000k 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
6 Moysie Purple Show Ponies Elf 1000k 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
7 Dafo Magenta Maniacs Goblin 880k 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
8 TheGngrNoob The Shreking Balls Ogre 1000k 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
9 Chilli Har Ganeth Reivers Dark Elf 1000k 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
10 Ringbeard Tabazco Tarantulas Amazon 960k 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
11 spoboyle Ground Frog Day Slann 1000k 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
12 deeferdan Horn’em Globetrotters Chaos 1000k 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
13 Kanter Sisters of a Down Human 1000k 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

As the dust settles on the draw, the preseason excitement is palpable. With a mix of veterans and newer coaches let’s take a look at the teams!


Tabazco Tarantulas – Amazons – Ringbeard

We will start our review with the seeded coach, and favourite to take the division.

His strong Blitzer Amazon build kicks off the season with a clash against The Mighty Gorgons. Tackling the Chaos team before they can get skilled up is perfect for the fledgling Amazons. The following two games also have a Chaotic slant, with Nurgle and Chaos matches respectively.

Plays me in Round 9


The Mighty Gorgons – Chaos – Chebby

The first of two Chaos teams in Skuttlespike, The Mighty Gorgons. The Sure Hands Beastman will help the early ball moving difficulties that Chaos teams can face. After an opening match against the seeded Tabazco Tarantulas, the next two games should help the Gorgons to settle in to their natural hitting tactics. Although going man on man (Beastman on man?) with the other Chaos team could prove to be carnage!

Plays me in Round 4


Horn’em Globetrotters – Chaos – deeferdan 

The second of our two Chaos teams is coached by deeferdan of Double Skulls podcasting fame. Like the other Chaos team, Dan picked a skill to help wit ball handling. However he eschewed the Sure Hands route for the much more thematic Extra Arms mutation. Today isn’t the day to run the maths on which skill is better.

The Globetrotters face the Troll-less Magenta Maniacs Goblin team in the first round. A match that could end up in a pitch clearing.

Plays me in Round 13


Har Ganeth Reivers – Dark Elf – Chilli 

Fresh from his strong showing in the Waterbowl Veterans League, Chilli could be one to watch this season. If the Har Ganeth Reivers can avoid injuries during the 3 game stretch from Round 9 (Nurgle – Ogres – Chaos) then the Dark Elves could be dark horses this year.

Round 1 sees the Dark Elves take on Doug Lowe’s Nurgle, a clash of two of the top coaches in the division.

Plays me in Round 10


Here comes the Sidestepper – Elf – Tintenfisch

Seemingly my perennial Round 1 opponent, Tintenfisch has traded in his Chaos Dwarfs for Elven Union this season. A mixed start sees Ogres, an Elven mirror match, and Chaos in the opening few weeks.

Round 1 against Ogres has paper thin armour vs Mighty Blow Ogres. If they catch the Elves then it could be akin to a 7s game in Round 2. IF they can catch them.

Plays me in Round 1


Purple Show Ponies – Elf – Moysie

With déjà vu on the team roster we reach our second Elven Union team. Whereas Tintenfisch starts against Bash teams, the Purple Show Ponies face two Human teams and the other Elves. If this translates into less violent games remains to be seen.

Moysie will be pushing for the automatic playoff places this season.

Plays me in Round 7


Magenta Maniacs – Goblin – Dafo

With an unorthodox build, Magenta Maniacs enter the league with more dirty tricks than the Red Light District. No Trolls ensures the only really stupid action will be standing in front of the fanatic.

The Goblins begin their campaign against Chaos, followed by Nurgle and Slann. The first two games could see a revolving door of goblins in and out of the team.

Plays me in Round 5 (STUNTY MATCH!)


Sisters of a Down – Human – Kanter

Bringing Gallic flair Kanter brings an ogre spearheaded Human team to the division. The Sisters of a Down face a baptism of fire with three of the division’s top coaches in his first three games.

Round 1 sees the Humans take on the Purple Show Ponies. With the next rounds seeing matches against Chilli’s Dark Elves and Douglowe’s Nurgle

Plays me in Round 6


Hugh Mans – Human – Ben Shaw

Another Human team and another Ogre involved. The Hugh Mans biggest game, for the casual fan, comes in Round 3. Sibling rivalry is sure to whet the appetite.

His debut season starts matches against Nurgle, Ogres and Elven Union.

Plays me in Round 2


Last of the Summer Plague – Nurgle – douglowe

Another of the Playoff contenders, Doug takes on the mantle of Nurgle coach this season. No doubt inspired by our game last year.

If he manages a regular season like last season then the rest of the division should be on notice. Rounds 7-9 could be tough, although the Nurgle team should be properly seasoned by then.

Plays me in Round 11


Beautiful On The Inside – Nurgle – RickWreckless

Beautiful On The Inside begin the season with the same lineup as my own Detroit Pox City started with last year. However they get the boost of 2 Rotters with the skills of Block and Wrestle.

Wrestle in particular could come in handy in Round 3, when they come up against the Tabazco Tarantulas. Amazons can be a tricky prospect, but against an early Nurgle team it can snowball quickly.

Plays me in Round 2


Ground Frog Day – Slann – spoboyle 

The Slann will be looking to leverage their cage breaking abilities after their Round 1 Bye week. Dark Elves will be there to meet the well rested team.

In a relatively mixed division of Bash and Agility, Ground Frog Day could spring out as one of the surprise teams this year.

Plays me in Round 12



After last season I decided I needed to work more on my defensive positioning. So what better than to use a team that can barely tackle?! One day I’ll play sensibly.

The opening rounds sees me take on Elven Union, Humans, and my beloved Nurgle.



DougLowe, Ringbeard, Chilli and Moysie are the frontrunners of the division and I think these will easily make up the Top 4.

Tintenfisch, Chebby and Deeferdan will probably be in a standoff for the final Playoff Place. Although Spoboyle’s Slann could surprise many.

As for myself, I will be ecstatic with a 6-6 Record; happy with 4-8; wouldn’t mind 1-11 as long as I beat Chilli!


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Waterbowl League 2019


This season’s Waterbowl began with a pre-season twist…certain teams would gain skills for FREE.

The lower tier teams began with 2 skills, with Stunty teams having the option of trading the 2 for a Double skill.

With these skills being dispensed like confetti at a wedding, it was not surprising to then see 6 Nurgle teams lining up this season!


The Draw Rules

The draw had 3 well deserved top seeds:

  • Kåre Foged, last years Champ
  • Geoff Porritt
  • Alex Barbanneau

With the other teams limited to a maximum of two of the same race per division.

The racial line up is as follows:

Amazon: Ringbeard (1)
Chaos: Deeferdan, Vagabond, Chebby (3)
Chaos Dwarf: Maxik, Volkmair, Brionnebiletappers (3)
Dark Elf: Chilli, Elperas (2)
Dwarf: Gniuz (1)
Elven Union: Moysie, Tintenfisch (2)
Goblin: Dafo (1)
Halfling: Beanbag, Campmark (2)
Human: Leipziger, Caeser, Ben Shaw, Fireolli, Kanter, (5)
Khemri: Podfrey (1)
Khorne: Cunning, Istvan (2)
Lizardmen: The Martian (1)
Nurgle: Heatoncoach, RickWreckless, Kfoged, Douglowe, Blessedknight, Davelklatzen (6)
Ogre: TheGngrNoob
Orc: KillerB, CarolusMagnus, Bigbenbear
Slann: Barney the Lurker, Spoboyle
Undead: JimBob, DrewCleary
Underworld: CJBlackburn

No place for Necromantic or Wood Elf teams makes this season seem rather skewed.

Draw Structure:

1) Draw seeded teams

2) Draw the Nurgle teams, 2 per division

3) Draw the Human team

4) Draw the rest of the teams (keeping a Max of two per race per division)


Pre-Draw Thoughts

My pre-draw favourite is CJ. Great player and if anyone can make Underworld work then it is him!


The Draw

Hosted live on Facebook by the League Commissioner, and viewed by literally some people, the 2019 season began to take shape.

The Divisions were drawn as follows:


  • Amazons – Ringbeard
  • Nurgle – Douglowe
  • Nurgle – RickWreckless
  • Humans – Ben Shaw
  • Humans – Kanter
  • Ogres – TheGngrNoob
  • Chaos – Chebby
  • Dark Elves – Chilli
  • Elven Union – Moysie
  • Elven Union – Tintenfisch 
  • Chaos – DeeferDan
  • Slann – Spoboyle
  • Goblins – Dafo 



  • Khemri – Podfrey
  • Nurgle – Davelklatzen
  • Nurgle – Heatoncoach
  • Humans – Leipziger
  • Underworld – CJBlackburn
  • Undead – JimBob
  • Chaos Dwarfs – Brionnebiletappers
  • Slann – Barney the Lurker
  • Chaos – Vagabond
  • Dwarfs – Gniuz
  • Halflings – Beanbag
  • Chaos Dwarfs – Volkmair
  • Orcs – Bigbenbear



  • Nurgle – KFoged
  • Nurgle – Blessedknight
  • Humans – Fireolli
  • Humans – Caeser
  • Orcs – CarolusMagnus
  • Halflings – Campmark 
  • Lizards – The Martian
  • Orcs – KillerB
  • Chaos Dwarfs – Maxik
  • Undead – DrewCleary
  • Khorne – Cunning
  • Khorne – Istvan
  • Dark Elves – Elperas 


Playoff Qualification:

Top 5 from each division + the best 6th placed team


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For more Blood Bowl action:

Listen to the Two Drunk Flings podcast here

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2018 Review & 2019 Preview


Water lot of Blood Bowl

If one game dominated my 2018 playing, it was Blood Bowl. Thanks to the fantastic double header of the Waterbowl Tournament and the Waterbowl Premier League I managed more games than I have in a few years.

Now my 19 games may not seem a lot compared to some. But this was the first full year of my new baby, as well as my first league effort since a short lived league at a FLGS.


Waterbowl Tournament


My first tournament in over 10 years

Only a handful of games under my belt with the team

Going 4 wins and 2 losses over the weekend


I enjoyed jumping back in the deep end with a tournament. Highlights include the 3-2 back and “thorth” with Odin and meeting an extremely hungover Liam of the Two Drunks Flings cast.


Waterbowl League

In my debut season I threw the form book out of the window and took Detroit Pox City to the playoffs!

Unfortunately I hit the wonderfully polite Danish wall that is Kåre Foged. Because a multiple European champion had a slight advantage over myself. He was a consummate gentleman throughout victory.



In the upcoming year I shall be focussing on one team and one team only.

The ultimate test of a Blood Bowl coach.

This year I shall be running my Ogre team, punningly monikered The Shreking Balls!


I shall be running the team in both league and cup, and hopefully Stunty Cup too. And while I don’t think I shall improve on last year’s records, I am looking forward to the challenge


Kings Of War

Basic RGB

I entered 2018 with all hopes to kick on with Kings Of War.

And although my potential list was never purchased, I do enter 2019 with enough models for a 1500 points list.

This year a pledge to get these assembled and at least basecoated by March.


Other Games Systems

Unfortunately the other games will be on the backburner. As much as I enjoy the 40k aesthetic, The 9th Age’s rules and Flames of War, I won’t have time to do any of these. So into storage they go for the foreseeable.

This could mean I have more room to actually paint and possibly display my models, which is nice


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For more Blood Bowl action:

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Listen to the Anything But A One podcast here

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