Waterbowl League – Game Week 11

Pox City slither over the line into Final Playoff place


The newly built Poxviridae Bowl was the stage for Blood Bowl action as Detroit Pox City took on the Clipstone Coalminers. After a long season a playoff berth would be guaranteed if the Nurglites were successful in the Game Week 11 encounter. For the Dwarfs there was pride to play for after a season of mixed fortune.

The stadium was bursting at its seams as 23 thousand boisterous fans swarmed in to find their seats amongst the fleshy stands. With nary a breeze in the air, and the sun heating the ground to an unbelievable stench, the teams set up for the coin toss. Coalminers Star Player Ruadhan won the toss and chose to receive while the determined Pox City defence attempted another of their famed kick offs.

As the whistle blew, Bruce Lŭvgŭnn hurled himself towards the ball using his patented Green Manalishi Two Prong Tip Toeing technique. The ball went high. Very high. But not very far, landing barely three paces into the Clipstone half. The usually stoic dwarfs moment of shock was seized upon by the City forward line as they claimed the ball seconds after it landed. Both teams clashed in the centre with armour denting and heads shaken. From the scramble debut Pestigor Parotitis bleated down the sidelines for the games first touchdown midway through the half.

The sun shone ever brighter after the score, Solkan as pleased as Nurgle for Pox City taking the lead. Wise to Lŭvgŭnn’s kicking shenanigans, the Coalminers lined up in a more conservative set up. This time the ball went deep to the dwarf right flank. With a play taken from an dusty book of ancient tactics, the entire team moved as a wave, swinging the ball from the right flank to the centre, and then down to the Pox City end-zone. The tag team of Haumea and Ruadhan making the score even shortly before the whistle blew for half time.

With halftime entertainment provided by the Three Stick Nurgling Clown Troupe and team-talks bellowed and grumbled, respectively, it was time for the second half. The final game of the season isn’t usually the time for experimentation, yet it was here that Pox City lined up with a three pronged Pestigor attack, with Bruce resting his feet.

Nurgle teams are renowned for a slow, grinding playstyle. The second half could be studied as a textbook case. The ball was glued to “Strutter” McGhee’s hand from the offset, with the willy player scampering around deep in the Clipstone half until seconds from the end. Not a half for the neutrals, perhaps. Definitely one for the Nurgle faithful as the last second touchdown ensured a playoff place.

When Pox City were drawn in a group with highly fancied Max Deadroom, Guardians of Ghrond and I Like Big Bulls And I Cannot Lie in the Lustria Division, few observers thought they could make it out of the blocks.

That theory was blown apart when they managed to claim a win against I Like Big Bulls in their opening match. 5 points from 6 in their consecutive Orc challenges gave Pox City a decent chance of escaping the group which they grasped with hands and tentacles after the Week 11 victory.

After the game the Detroit Pox City coach, in the middle of an interview, was turned into a creature of 3 eyes and seven wings. If this is a good or bad thing remains to be seen.

The next challenge facing Detroit Pox City is the almighty Grave City Gunslingers, yet another bookies favourite.
Will the Nurgle team have the true grit to qualify or will this be their last shot?


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