Waterbowl – Lustria Playoff Predictions



# Coach Team Race TV Pld W D L TD Cas Pts
1 cjblackburn Max Deadroom Undead 1470k 9 8 1 0 15 6 26
2 douglowe I, Eldarius Wood Elf 1560k 9 5 3 1 9 0 22
3 TheGngrNoob Detroit Pox City Nurgle 1240k 10 4 2 4 -2 2 20
4 Ringbeard Guardians of Ghrond Dark Elf 1500k 9 4 2 3 1 -1 19
5 Isvan The Weather Veins Vampire 1490k 9 4 2 3 -4 -7 19
6 The Martian Lil Green Meanies Orc 1520k 10 2 4 4 -1 2 18
7 Tintenfisch I like big bulls and I cannot lie Chaos Dwarf 1370k 9 3 3 3 0 2 18
8 Jimbob Kracked Toof Orc 1500k 9 2 4 3 -3 8 17
9 EndoSpartan The Dapper Lycanthropes Necromantic 1510k 9 2 3 4 0 -4 16
10 Adam boo The Bone Idles Khemri 1280k 8 2 4 2 -2 3 16
11 Chebby Clipstone Coalminers Dwarf 1130k 9 1 4 4 -6 -4 15
12 Queek Baltimore Skavens Skaven 1280k 9 1 2 6 -5 -7 13


This is the league table going in to Week 10. The lone game of this week being my 2-1 win over Lil Green Meanies. A win which currently has the record for biggest underdog win in the league (TV 1520 vs TV1250).

But even with this win, could I make the playoffs?

Let’s try and find out, making predictions based on league positions, race matchups and tiers.


download (3).png


Week 10 Fixtures (Positions in brackets)

Guardians of Ghrond  (4)  –   (5)     Weather Veins

In this game I can see the Guardians winning. Although 5 Strength 4 Vampires could really hurt the Dark Elves, should they be able to catch them.

Prediction: Guardians Win

Max Deadroom             (1)  –   (8)     Kracked Toof 

I cannot see Max Deadroom losing a game this week, CJ being a wizard with the team.

Prediction: Deadroom Win


I, Eldarius                      (2)   –   (11)  Clipstone Coalminers 

The nippy Wood Elves should pick up a win here. The Dwarfs hopes relying on a 2-1 grind

Prediction: I, Eldarius Win


Baltimore Skavens      (12)  –   (9)    Dapper Lycanthropes

After winning their first game last week, I predict an unfortunate return to form this week for the Skavens.

Prediction: Dapper Lycanthropes Win


Bone Idles                      (10)   –  (7)   Big Bulls

This has draw written all over it. The Khemri defence seems solid against a slow/mid paced team. Although stranger things have happened.

Prediction Draw


Projected League Table -End of Week 10

# Name Points
1 Max Deadroom 29
2 I, Eldarius 25
3 Guardians of Ghrond 22
4 Big Bulls 20
5 Detroit Pox City 20
6 The Weather Veins 20
7 The Dapper Lycanthropes 19
8 Lil Green Meanies 18
9 Kracked Toof 18
10 The Bone Idles 18
11 Clipstone Coalminers 16
12 Baltimore Skavens 14


As per my predictions, Max Deadroom would be crowned as division champions, with I, Eldarius as the runner up.

At the bottom, The Bone Idles, Clipstone Coalminers and Baltimore Skavens would be mathematically out of the running


Week 11 Fixtures (Predicted positions in brackets)

Weather Veins   (6)  –   (9)   Kracked Toof

Although the Vampires are higher in the division, Orcs are tough against any team. Especially a team that likes to hit. I call a draw

Prediction: Draw

I, Eldarius   (2)  –   (1)   Max Deadroom

In the battle of first and second, I think the Undead will finish undefeated and with a win

Prediction: Max Deadroom Win

Big Bulls   (4)  –   (12)   Baltimore Skavens

Heaping the misery on the Baltimore Skavens, with one eye on the Playoffs I see I Like Big Bulls And I Cannot Lie winning this

Prediction: Big Bulls Win

Detroit Pox City   (5)  –   (11)   Clipstone Coalminers

It’d be wrong without me predicting a win for myself now, wouldn’t it?

Prediction: Detroit Pox City Win

Bone Idles   (10)  –   (3)   Guardians of Ghrond

The skill gap between the teams will be telling in this match. Ringbeard’s experience should swing this game in his favour

Prediction: Guardians Win

Dapper Lycanthropes   (7)  –   (8)   Green Meanies

This will be a very close game. Orcs edge this for me.

Prediction: Lil Green Meanies win


Projected Final League Table

# Name Points
1 Max Deadroom 32
2 I, Eldarius 26
3 Guardians of Ghrond 25
4 Big Bulls 23
5 Detroit Pox City 23
6 The Weather Veins 22
7 The Dapper Lycanthropes 21
8 Lil Green Meanies 21
9 Kracked Toof 19
10 The Bone Idles 19
11 Clipstone Coalminers 17
12 Baltimore Skavens 15


Well according to my optimistic predictions, I would not finish in the Top 4 on TD difference. This isn’t surprising considering my usual win is by 1 TD and losses of 2 or 3.

The four predicted Lustria playoff representatives are strong teams, with CJ being one of the favourites for the overall championship

Now it is time to see how it plays out in real life!


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Waterbowl League – Game Week 9

Meat Bag hands Kracked Toof draw with last minute TD to punish wasteful City

The Kracked Toof Orcs recovered from a second half TD to salvage a draw against Detroit Pox City, to keep up the pressure in an already tense Lustria division.

A sloppy start from Bruce Lŭvgŭnn had Pox City on the backfoot from the very first kick.

The Toof were the aggressors in the first half, sending four Pox City players to the box for smelling salts.

With the teams deadlocked at the start of the second half, Detroit Pox City lined up extremely aggressively. The ball was ignored as Kracked Toof teeth were cracked. The defending Orcs resorting to bundling the new Pox City player Äss Holle over the line for a TD.

As seems to be a theme with the Pox City in recent games, a second half Pitch Invasion resulted in over half a dozen players floored before the ball landed.

With the game dying came a moment of brilliance from Kracked Toof’s goblin rookie Meat Bag. A block from “Strutter” McGhee forced Meat Bag into the tentacles of Beth the Beast. With ball still tucked to his chest, Meat Bag squirmed and squeezed out of it’s grasp and belted down the left flank for a last second Touchdown! This earned his team the draw and himself a well deserved Most Valuable Player award.

Rumours that Meat Bag was discovered to be taking performance enhancing mushrooms were proven to be unfounded, and completely legal in the Waterbowl.

After the game the irate Pox City manager vented to the waiting press:

“Brick Far’th is not walking through that door! Lord Borak is not walking through that door, and Morg ‘n’ Thorg is not walking through that door! What we are is young, exciting, hard-working, and we’re going to improve. People don’t realize that, and as soon as they realise those three guys are not coming through that door, the better this team will be for all of us because there are young guys in that locker room playing their arses off. I wish we had an extra 500,000 gold. I wish we could buy the world. We can’t; the only thing we can do is work hard, and all the negativity that’s in this city sucks. I’ve been around when Prince Moranion was booed. I’ve been around when Ghoul-Chewer was booed. And it stinks. It makes the greatest teams in the world, lousy.”

Being asked whether they are still aiming for the playoffs only exacerbated the situation:

“What’s that? Playoffs? Don’t talk about; playoffs? You kidding me? Playoffs? I just hope we can win a game! Another game!”

Detroit Pox City continue their playoff push, or lack of, against the second Orc team of the league the Lil Green Meanies.

Kracked Toof face a tough task against league leaders Max Deadroom.


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For more Blood Bowl action:

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