For Gondor!

Talking about Tolkien 

Recently I’ve been thinking over the game systems that I have played in the past. One that I enjoyed but didn’t commit to was the then named Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game.

I enjoyed it as it had a very cinematic feel to the combat. Not quite Herohammer, but satisfying to watch Gimli cut through swathes of Moria Goblins, or Aragorn take on a Cave Troll.

So with nostalgic memories flooding my mind, and a loose grip on my wallet, I picked up two boxes of Warriors of Minis Tirith.


For Gondor!


With the rumoured new starter set based around Pelennor Fields, I started re-reading the Return of the King chapters about it. Not wanting the standard Gondor force this quote jumped out at me:

“And so the companies came and were hailed and cheered and passed through the Gate, men of the Outlands marching to defend the City of Gondor in a dark hour; but always too few, always less than hope looked for or need asked…. Hirluin the Fair of the Green Hills from Pinnath Gelin with three hundreds of gallant green-clad men.”

The Return of the King, LoTR Book 5, Ch 1, Minas Tirith


Green Gondor?! Has to be based around Pinnath Gelin then!

Now besides knowing that they were lead by Hirluin the Fair, not much information can be found on them.

With the further quote of:

“…horsemen rode eastward to the succour of Éomer: Húrin the Tall Warden of the Keys, and the Lord of Lossarnach, and Hirluin of the Green Hills, and Prince Imrahil the fair with his knights all about him.”

The Return of the King, LoTR Book 5, Ch 6, The Battle of the Pelennor Fields

So dressed in green, from the Green Hills and have horsemen.
I can work with that.


Summoning the Force

Banner of Pinnath Gelin
Banner of Pinnath Gelin


Now with very little information on the Green Hills of Pinnath Gelin being available, a bit of guesswork needs to be made.

The hills and horsemen almost feel more Rohan than Gondor. No big cities there also reinforces this. I know think that they would be very self reliant. Hunters and farmers more than full on soldiers. So Rangers are a must there, alongside the horsemen.

I also don’t think that soldiers in such an area would have full platemail like the Minas Tirith soldiers. I envision them more like the armoured Rohan soldiers.
With great difficulty I am thinking of replacing the greaves with a chainmail, as well as adding a surcoat or cape to some warriors.

Obviously I don’t have a legal force. I need at least two heroes to add to my force. Looking at the Damrod and Faramir pack to start with.

After this it will be playing my first game of the Middle Earth SBG!


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Waterbowl – Week Three and Four Review


League Table

# Coach Team Race TV Pld W D L TD Cas Pts
1 cjblackburn Max Deadroom Undead 1050k 4 4 0 0 7 1 12
2 douglowe I, Eldarius Wood Elf 1250k 4 2 2 0 5 3 10
3 Tintenfisch I like big bulls and I cannot lie Chaos Dwarf 1240k 5 2 1 2 0 -1 10
4 Isvan The Weather Veins Vampire 1230k 4 3 0 1 0 -3 10
5 The Martian Lil Green Meanies Orc 1200k 5 0 3 2 -3 -1 8
6 Jimbob Kracked Toof Orc 1230k 4 1 2 1 -1 0 8
7 Ringbeard Guardians of Ghrond Dark Elf 1200k 4 1 2 1 0 0 8
8 TheGngrNoob Detroit Pox City Nurgle 980k 4 2 0 2 -1 -1 8
9 Chebby Clipstone Coalminers Dwarf 1130k 4 1 2 1 1 0 8
10 EndoSpartan The Dapper Lycanthropes Necromantic 1250k 4 1 1 2 0 -3 7
11 Adam boo The Bone Idles Khemri 1130k 3 1 1 1 -1 4 6
12 Queek Baltimore Skavens Skaven 1090k 4 0 0 4 -5 1 4
13 narked Manannsheim Buccaneers Human 1000k 1 0 0 1 -2 0 1
14 rollingskullz Honest To Gob Goblin 850k 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

My apologies for missing almost a month. My excuse is that I have been researching for a story!

Week 3 Results

Max Deadroom 2-0 Detroit Pox City

I, Eldarius 4-3 Baltimore Skavens

Lil Green Meanies 1-2 The Bone Idles

Guardians of Ghrond 0-2 I Like Big Bulls and I Cannot Lie

Clipstone Cowboys 0-1 The Weather Veins

The Dapper Lycanthropes 3-0 Kracked Toof

Week 4 Results

Lil Green Meanies 0-2 Max Deadroom

I Like Big Bulls and I Cannot Lie 2-1 The Dapper Lycanthropes

The Weather Veins 2-1 Baltimore Skavens

Detroit Pox City 0-2 Guardians of Ghrond

I, Eldarius 1-1 The Bone Idles

Kracked Toof 1-1 Clipstone Cowboys

Two losses in a row for my Nurgle, with a tough game versus I, Eldarius next.

CJ continues his undefeated streak and, barring a complete capitulation, will be the first name on the qualifying sheet

The first Round 5 game was a marital affair as I Like Big Bulls and I Cannot Lie and Lil Green Meanies played out a 1-1 draw on their holiday


LUSTRIA DIVISION: Kracked Toof 1-1 Clipstone Cowboys

Not a high scoring, but an absolute bloodbath. The Orcs inflicted 6 casualties on their pint sized opponents!

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Waterbowl Halfling News

Mixed fortunes for the ‘flings

The Brandywine Custards drew both their games. A 1-1 draw versus the Wood Elves of TNS was followed by a 0-0 draw with the vampires of The Bloody Oranges. This leaves the Custards in the impressive 7th place of the Bretonnian division.

The Cincinnati Bagels lost their two games 2-1 and 2-0 to Orcs and Khemri, respectively, leaving them on a 0-4 record.

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