KOW – Journey to Tragar


Over the last few months I have been craving a wargame that satisfies my need to play ranked battles. Don’t get me wrong, Age of Sigmar is absolutely stunning. Amazing miniatures, probably the best Games Workshop have ever produced, the new lore is brilliant, its just….its not Fantasy. I want my blocks of infantry. I need the grand battlelines.

So I had a look around for alternatives as I couldn’t find a Middlehammer crowd to play with.

My first thought was The 9th Age. It seemed to have all the boxes ticked:

  • Rank and File troops
  • Reskinned versions of the old Fantasy armies
  • Similar rules to 8th edition Warhammer
  • Even the old toxic forums on first glance (seriously? If I hadn’t survived the Warhammer edition changeovers, it would scare me off the hobby with the WotDG discussions)

But with the second edition coming soon, with grand changes to the core rules, I felt it wasn’t the right time.


Then I looked at Kings of War

I discovered this through Lukes APS YouTube channel, probably one of the top hobby channels out there. I started watching for the quality budget hobby tips, but it was when I saw his series on Kings of War that I was hooked. It was exactly what I wanted.

With the game system decided, it was time for the hardest decision in most games, Which army to use?


My first decision was that I would use only Mantic models. Only fair that they get the cash.

After narrowing it down to ones with primarily Mantic models and personal preference, I had a shortlist:

Dwarfs or Dead stuff. (Side note, I don’t like that the Ogres have skipped leg day)
Lore wise I loved all 3
Model wise same
I had to sleep on this decision



Copyright: Mantic Games

Had to be Abyssal Dwarfs

In the Fantasy days I always wanted a Chaos Dwarf army. As these were the Mantic analogue for them.

One of my early loves. Copyright: Games Workshop

Similar in fluff, but without the big hats, I decided to pick up a box of Immortal Guard on my next trip to Element Games.


With the great army guide from Direct Misfire podcast helping me sort a list, I am looking forward to my foray in Kings of War, with the unit basing jumping out as an aspect I am really looking forward to.

Copyright: Mantic Games

Onward for the Glory of Tragar

Visit Element Games here (Use the code DAN2300 at Checkout for double points)

Watch Luke’s APS YouTube channel here

Join the Lukes APS, Hangout and Hobby Discussion here

Listen to Direct Misfire here


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