Too old to be a wrestler?

Recently I had a chat with a friend of mine, the wrestler L A Austin, about his comeback to wresting after a few years out due to an injury, family etc.

His passion for the sport shone through, and that little ticking started in the back of my mind;

Could I, at 31, start training?

Now I, unlike Austin, have zero experience in wrestling. I started traditional jiu-jitsu at about 10 years old and MMA on off for a few years. But I am in need of getting into a shape that isn’t round (unless I’m going for a ginger Yokozuna look, in which case…pass the pies)

I put this question to famed wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer

So he said it is possible but not easy. Granted, never expected it to be easy, nothing worthwhile in life is.

I also had a reply from one time Undertaker jobber “Jumpin'” Jim Grabowski saying, in no uncertain terms, that I had a slim chance but it probably isn’t worth it.

My intrigue not waining, I pushed forward. A quick Google search found this article on The Sportster about 15 wrestlers that started after the age of 30. Perfect place to start.

So lets begin:

Gene Snitsky – 32     Former American football player (College and Canadian)

Bad News Brown – 34     Former Olympic medalist

Rico Constantino – 40     Military man and professional badass

Steve McMichael – 38     One of the top NFL players

Ernest “The Cat” Miller – 33     Former college footballer and karate competitor

Vic Grimes – 33     Giant of a man

Professor Tanaka – 37     Professional boxer and military man

Brodus Clay – 33     Bodyguard and HUGE guy.

The Boogeyman – 40     Great shape and amazing story

Titus O’Neil – 32      Former college and Arena football player

George “The Animal” Steele – 30      Former college sportsman and unique look

Goldberg – 30     Did that NFL for a bit

Kevin Nash – 31     Giant of a man

Batista – 31     Bodybuilder

Diamond Dallas Page – 35    The most “Normal” on the list. Amazing guy.
So of the list the majority were sportsmen, some physically imposing and just the extra charismatic DDP being the closest to “normal” from the bunch.
Now I am a realist, I will never get to those levels of fame, but it is interesting to see that it isn’t necessarily a young man’s game. (As long as you were a superstar athlete when you were younger ha)
Now to look for training routines, a wrestling school and some tights. Thinking green and white….

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