Ever expanding outwards

My number for this week is 36.

Why? I hear you cry.

Because that is what inch waist I am in trousers now.

I found this out when my fat arse rolled down the hill to my mother’s to try some trousers.

36 inch waist.
The largest I have ever been.

Fat, porky, ginger bastard.

So now, how to change this?

Do I try some miracle diet of only cabbage and pepper soup and daily yoga?

Do I resign myself to this size and become a life size version of James’ giant peach?

Woe. Woe I tell you!

Now in the past my weight has fluctuated between 11 and a half stone (161lbs) and my current 15 and a half stone (217lbs) upon my 6ft 1 frame. Being broad of shoulder I can normally pull most of the weight off as I look wide more than fat. However now that my stomach enters the room a full *few minutes before I do, I feel I need to change my ways.

(* There may be some exaggeration here)

My next steps are to look up sports or gyms in the area and to find a diet plan that is cheap and easy. Like I was in my single days.


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