Warhammer 40,000 8th Edition- Age of Ultramar?

I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible has happened.
– Obi-Wan Kenobi

After long rumours and, in my opinion, at long last, a new edition of 40k has been announced. Hopefully now the heavy napsack of books needed to play my army (rulebook, Chaos Space Marines codex, Traitor Legions codex, Chaos Daemons codex) will be reduced. Games Workshop announced that the core rules will be available to download for free, with rules for all armies available on the day of launch.

Of course this has caused some in the internet Warhammer 40,000 community to act as if this is the coming of the Antichrist, ready to ride in on a skeletal horse to kidnap your children and shit on your miniatures.

But the fact is that the games is massively bloated, full of loopholes and, dare I say it, not that fun anymore.

The armies have been split, pretty distinctively, into Tournament level (Space Marines, Eldar, Tau, Daemons, lately the Magnus build Thousand Sons) and the rest. With meta breaking tournament wins for Tyranids as one offs. Some armies may have builds that are quasi competitive, but they are still a way off the warp spider spam or riptide wing lists.

Hopefully this rules reboot will let us see Orks, Imperial Guard and even my beloved Chaos get a chance in the sun. Maybe we will see vespid, pyrovores and rough riders hit the table, today they are as rare as rocking horse shit.

Today they hosted a live Q&A session to help quell people’s fears

Using Blog for the Blood God‘s notes, here’s a few points:

Vehicles no longer have armour. They will have toughness and wounds, along with monstrous creatures. Vehicles and monstrous creatures lose stats as they take damage, becoming slower, less accurate and easier to damage further. Stats not capped at 10
This is how monsters work in Age of Sigmar. They are nasty but slow down and become less harmful as they take wounds, but they can still hurt the enemy. Look out for Land Raiders having about 14 wounds (My guess)

Everyone can hurt everyone.
This was a point that worried me when I first started AoS. 30 goblins taking down Archaon was ludicrous, thought I. But with the aforementioned increase in model’s wounds, it isn’t as much to worry about.

Faster games. Looking at 1.5hrs-2hrs for a full 1500pt game.
Thank you sweet baby Jeebus.

Armies must be battle forged in matched/narrative play. 14 different force org charts.
This I cannot wait for. Different bonuses depending on each chart.

Command points are generated based on detachment and spent on abilities.
This could be interesting. Will have to wait

Templates are gone and are replaced with shots that inflict multiple damage the same as Age of Sigmar.
Good. Might make Imperial Guard great again

There will be 5 allegiance books on launch day
Possibly like the Grand Factions in AoS. My guess is Imperial, Chaos, Aeldari, Alien Races and, wish listing here, a new Zealot based human army.

In the future Individual codices will expand on command points and army wide rules creating diversification and adding flavour to armies.
This will be where the SM chapters and Chaos Legions get their rules. Hopefully we will get other Imperial Guard regiments, hopefully bringing back the Tau Human auxiliaries back too.

There will new factions released on launch

The last one sounds amazing. Games Workshop have been knocking it out of the park with the new AoS armies, so hopefully they will carry on this hot streak.


Too old to be a wrestler?

Recently I had a chat with a friend of mine, the wrestler L A Austin, about his comeback to wresting after a few years out due to an injury, family etc.

His passion for the sport shone through, and that little ticking started in the back of my mind;

Could I, at 31, start training?

Now I, unlike Austin, have zero experience in wrestling. I started traditional jiu-jitsu at about 10 years old and MMA on off for a few years. But I am in need of getting into a shape that isn’t round (unless I’m going for a ginger Yokozuna look, in which case…pass the pies)

I put this question to famed wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer

So he said it is possible but not easy. Granted, never expected it to be easy, nothing worthwhile in life is.

I also had a reply from one time Undertaker jobber “Jumpin'” Jim Grabowski saying, in no uncertain terms, that I had a slim chance but it probably isn’t worth it.

My intrigue not waining, I pushed forward. A quick Google search found this article on The Sportster about 15 wrestlers that started after the age of 30. Perfect place to start.

So lets begin:

Gene Snitsky – 32     Former American football player (College and Canadian)

Bad News Brown – 34     Former Olympic medalist

Rico Constantino – 40     Military man and professional badass

Steve McMichael – 38     One of the top NFL players

Ernest “The Cat” Miller – 33     Former college footballer and karate competitor

Vic Grimes – 33     Giant of a man

Professor Tanaka – 37     Professional boxer and military man

Brodus Clay – 33     Bodyguard and HUGE guy.

The Boogeyman – 40     Great shape and amazing story

Titus O’Neil – 32      Former college and Arena football player

George “The Animal” Steele – 30      Former college sportsman and unique look

Goldberg – 30     Did that NFL for a bit

Kevin Nash – 31     Giant of a man

Batista – 31     Bodybuilder

Diamond Dallas Page – 35    The most “Normal” on the list. Amazing guy.
So of the list the majority were sportsmen, some physically imposing and just the extra charismatic DDP being the closest to “normal” from the bunch.
Now I am a realist, I will never get to those levels of fame, but it is interesting to see that it isn’t necessarily a young man’s game. (As long as you were a superstar athlete when you were younger ha)
Now to look for training routines, a wrestling school and some tights. Thinking green and white….

Index Traitoris – Glorious Host of Vran’slaar

Index Traitoris – Glorious Host of Vran’slaar


Various prayers and tribal chants to Slaanesh

Successors of

Word Bearers

Successor Chapters



600 Marines plus thousands of cultists and mutants


Lorgar Aurelian


Daemon Prince Vran’slaar

Chaos Lord Tsep Basarab


Ardyal, Eye of Terror


Chaos, Slaanesh


Crimson, Bone


“We are the true masters of the galaxy. Not the putrid followers of the corpse god. They have spread like an insidious virus, ignorant to the truth of the universe.  These creatures are ignorant to us, to our splendour, we shall be their downfall”

– Dark Apostle Chronath, Glorious Host of Vran’slaar

The Glorious Host is a Chaos warband based on the world of Ardyal.  They are Word Bearers that have dedicated their lives to Slaanesh, under the rule of Daemon Prince Vran’slaar.

They wear armour of red and bone, with all metals polished to a gleam. Survivors of their raids claim to see nothing but blurs of shimmering light and their comrades falling.


“Fair? Why fight fair against savages? Those animals are barely worth the effort of aiming at.”

– Ardbhaz, Glorious Host of Vran’slaar, at the Massacre of Outpost 211

The warband’s mortal leader, Lord Basarab, rose to the position of after 250 years of service. Although his Word Bearer brothers worshipped the gods evenly, Basarab led his prayer to the lord of desire. Through trades both carnal and martial, he levered enough influence to build a small army.

Using these alliances he grew the warband’s strength and influence, carving out a small outpost on Ardyal in The Eye of Terror along with clusters of hideaways in the Galaxy. From here The Glorious Host of Vran’slaar launches its raids on the outposts of the Imperium.


Ardyal is a small death world, its technology similar to the Middle Ages in Age of Terra history. Tribal conflicts of greed and honour keep the world in constant civil war. Vast regions of the land is infertile, making what scarce resources around extremely valuable. Cannibalism is rife in such squalid conditions, especially during the harsh summers that can last a full Terran year.

What fauna exists is usually carnivorous. Great batlike creatures called charop blot the night sky, able to lift a fully armoured man to its mountain nest. On the open plains, one of few fertile lands available, great wyrms hide in burrows to attack. Scythe like fangs puncturing through steel and bone to drag its victim underground.

To keep the world in obedience to Slaanesh, The Glorious Host oversaw a planet wide campaign of compliance. Entire tribes were destroyed to set examples to the others, their sacrifices being offered to the Dark Prince.

The Vallakian mountain range is a large memorial. Warrior skulls pockmark the sides of the mountains, a tomb of battle thousands of metres high covered with scrolls of High Gothic fluttering in the wind. Carved towards its highest peak are effigies of the Dark Prince himself.

On the same mountain range, lies the fortress monastery of the Glorious Host. Built into the mountains itself, The Ardyal Keep extends deep into the range, a weaving hive of activity. From here the chapter keeps watch over the various towns of Vallakia.

Whispers of heretical speech are quelled by squads of marines, gleefully culling the sinners. The survivors though are put in stocks or cages, the ring leaders being chained and left to die, tongues sliced out and runes carved into their bodies.

Some of the sinners that were repentant were taken to the prisons below the Keep. Here, on great wheels, tens of thousands run, fuelling the lights at the feasts of excess.

To the south of the planet the Daemon Prince Vran’slaar resides, its great throne expanding across the horizon. Untold masses of natives head south to willing sacrifice themselves to this chosen of Slaanesh.

Flickering Dance of War

When the Glorious Host of Vran’slaar launches an attack, it strikes without warning with fluid violence. Designed to cause panic in the enemy, the warband will attack flanks with overwhelming firepower, then flee before a counterattack can be mounted. Enemy stragglers will be left to escape, their tales spreading more despair in the opposition.

The centre of the enemy’s stronghold will be bogged down with the bodies of mutants and cultists, thousands of the followers charging forward to feel the ecstatic sting of death.

A raid will be swift and intended to destroy all. Rarely do they take slaves, those that they do enter the gladiatorial pits on Ardyal.

Refined Arrogance

The warriors of the Glorious Host ensure their armour is polished before each raid, adorning it with jewellery and other trinkets. Each warrior will try and avoid the touch of the lesser species, sneering at the thought of drawing a blade against them unless necessary, not wanting inferior blood on their armour or weapons.

Notable Battles

  • The St Davis Massacre

The warband raided the Imperial outpost of St Davis, killing 2500 civilians in less than 10 minutes. Such was the speed of the attack that the local garrison was unable to help. They found one survivor, shaking and pleading to be shot lest the “bone devils” return for him.

  • Capture of Sergeant Hildemar

The 10th Company of the Angels of Benediction were on a training exercise when the warband attacked. They fired no weapons, aiming to capture just one Space Marine scout.

When they returned him, 6 days later, his face and body were a tapestry of scarring. The marine’s body broken by the tanacles and blades of Apostle Khursh.

Ever expanding outwards

My number for this week is 36.

Why? I hear you cry.

Because that is what inch waist I am in trousers now.

I found this out when my fat arse rolled down the hill to my mother’s to try some trousers.

36 inch waist.
The largest I have ever been.

Fat, porky, ginger bastard.

So now, how to change this?

Do I try some miracle diet of only cabbage and pepper soup and daily yoga?

Do I resign myself to this size and become a life size version of James’ giant peach?

Woe. Woe I tell you!

Now in the past my weight has fluctuated between 11 and a half stone (161lbs) and my current 15 and a half stone (217lbs) upon my 6ft 1 frame. Being broad of shoulder I can normally pull most of the weight off as I look wide more than fat. However now that my stomach enters the room a full *few minutes before I do, I feel I need to change my ways.

(* There may be some exaggeration here)

My next steps are to look up sports or gyms in the area and to find a diet plan that is cheap and easy. Like I was in my single days.


Hello there,

I will take this first blog post to elaborate on the title of the blog. The noob part specifically, as I’m guessing that you have already determined the “Gngr” part being a contraction of ginger. You see, I have a strong tendency to start projects with all the gusto imaginable, yet never stick with something for long enough to become more than competent.

Some examples include:

  • Bass guitar
  • Special FX make up
  • Writing
  • Social media management
  • Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000

And now my latest being X-Wing.

This corner of the internet will be a dumping ground for my musings on those particular subjects, as well as home to the ongoing adventures of my as yet unnamed Chaos Space Marines warband.